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Welcome to Workingwoods. Although this site started as a place to display some of my flat woodworking projects, it has now primarily become a place to show my turned pieces and let others know where my work will be showing and/or for sale.

Although I started in woodworking making flat and square things, I've been playing with a lathe for a few years now and I'm thoroughly hooked on round and curved things. Be sure to check out the Lathe Stuff link on the left, since that's primarily what I've been up to lately. If this is your first visit, feel free to poke around and look through the rest of the site, too.

Due to my current work responsibilities, my woodworking adventure is temporarily on hold. I'm not currently planning on displaying my work at any shows, although I do hope to get things set up here in the near future show site visitors what pieces I have available, and have a way to order them online.

latest news

Although my time in the shop/studio was virtually nil last year, I've put together Workingwoods Photo Calendars for 2014 featuring photos of a dozen of my favorite recent pieces. I've got three sizes available, and they're all available in the Workingwoods Goods store at CafePress.


I've also got a blog that chronicles some of my individual pieces and the processes I go through to create them.

Click here to see the Workingwoods Blog

Click any of the links on the left to see some of my work or to contact me.

- Vaughn


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