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After making a boatload of cutting boards, I decided it was time to start working in more than two dimensions. Cutting boards are fun, and nice ones require close attention to detail, so why not carry that experience over and upwards into making boxes? (Remember, I'm still learning this woodworking stuff, but I'm trying to build my skills by making more and more difficult pieces.)

One of the nice things about wood is that many errors can be fixed by changing the dimensions of the final product. In other words, you trim off the mistake, and your new entertainment center is now a nightstand. But it can still be a nice nightstand. Several of these boxes started out a bit bigger, but by the time the mistakes were trimmed off, they ended up smaller than originally planned. No problem, since they're not really intended to hold anything specific...just your imagination.

Without further ado, here are the results. Click any of the thumbnail pictures to see more shots, and to get the story behind the box:

Cherry Box 1 Monkey Face Padauk Box Oriental Padauk Box


Monkey Box Revisited Cherry Wave Box 1 Quilted Maple Pool Cue Case







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