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large boards

My large boards are about 3/4" thick, and roughly 15" to 16" long by about 11" or 12" in width. This size is ideal for serving a variety of veggies for dipping, or as a stylish breadboard. Here are a few recent examples, but remember each one looks a bit different from the next. The first of these boards was given as a gift; the second was commissioned by a friend.


This board is made of figured maple with cherry wood and purple heart accents. This picture doesn't do the wood justice. It has a nice depth to the grain.

I think it was well-received as a gift, and several other people have expressed interest in having one like it.







Here's another, similar board...essentially the same pattern and wood species, but due to the differences in wood grain, it has a completely different personality. The depth of the grain in this one is nice. Here's a brief  description of how this one was made.









Here's another variation on the same theme. I used two contrasting shades (and grains) of maple for the main body of the board, but again used cherry and purple heart accent stripes.











This shot shows the grain detail nicely.











Here's one that uses walnut for part of the main "body" of the board. The accent stripes are yellow heart and satine .








And yet another variation on the theme...this one has two different types of maple, with satine and yellow heart accents in the reverse order as the board shown immediately above. This picture doesn't really do the curly maple justice.

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